The interactive installation Beambox is coming to Auckland’s Aotea Square from  4 December 2015. The installation will bring “light”-hearted play to Aucklanders of all ages.

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Beambox has been developed to coincide with the UN-proclaimed International Year of Light in 2015. This light-themed, multimedia installation will give visitors to Aotea Square the opportunity to see, hear and experience the electromagnetic spectrum.  

The installation Beambox features seven large cubes that move on a grid and interact with each other through laser communication to produce light and sound responses.  These playful boxes incorporate a scientific narrative that aims to educate people about the role light plays in our everyday lives.

Beambox runs throughout December as a part of Auckland Live’s Summer in the Square event. There will be an app and a range of other activities and talks suitable for all ages to learn more about light and physics, everyone is welcome!  Stay tuned for updates on from November 2015.

Beambox has been created through a collaboration between a local team of experts and students from Auckland Live,  AUT and the University of Auckland.